For the first time since its creation, this 9th IVM will take place in France. Through this opportunity the Volvo Club of France who is getting settling this event, is very happy to greet you in one of the most mythic town related with motorcars racing : LE MANS.
And more, this region is a high place regarding French historic heritage, and we will start this IVM by visiting some historic sites along our touristic driving on the Friday behind the wheel of our VOLVOs.
The Saturday will be allocated to Le Mans downtown center visit as first, the worldwide known racing cars temple´s visit in a second.
At the end, Sunday will be reserved for a gathering with our VOLVOs, in Le Mans high speed racing circuit, with for these who wish a driving in «parade» on the famous BUGATTI high-speed circuit.

We invite you reading carefully following detailed program for this IVM 2018 built on 3 days according your disponibility, you will benefit opportunity attending partly of this program.

PROGRAM ‑ Timing for the 3 days

Thursday ‑ August 30th :
  • Participators arriving to their accommodations (hotels or Camping facilities) Booking has to be settled by yourself. Special discount pricing is offered by our partner Mulsanne IBIS Hotel (Please find below the hotel´s form to fill up and send back to IBIS Hotel.)
    You may find others Hotels and Camping on the attached list to this program.
  • Evening free time.

  • Friday ‑ August 31rst :
  • 09h00 Rendez‑vous (appointment) to Abbaye de l´Epau (Abbay of the Epau). Road books and Welcome bags are given to drivers.
  • 09h30 Départ pour la ballade touristique selon le road book;
  • 11h30 Arrival to Malicorne´s Castle, and cars parking.
  • 12h30 Lunch in Malicorne village.
  • 14h30 Visit of Crockery factory in Malicorne.
  • 16h00 Departure for the Castle of Le Lude. Guided and commented visit of the castle and/or gardens visits according weather condition and timing.
  • 18h00 Way back to Mulsanne IBIS Hotel.
  • 20h00 Welcome aperitive‑drink and diner‑buffet in Mulsanne IBIS hotel.

  • Saturday ‑ September 1rst :
  • 09h30 Gathering in Place des Jacobins (Square of Jacobins) in Le Mans down‑town center.
  • 10h15 Guided and commented visit of Platagenet City and Cathedral.
  • 12h00 Lunch‑buffet Saint Jean´s hall in Le Mans.
  • 14h00 Guided and commented visit of Le Mans high‑speed racing circuit´s back‑ scene facilities
  • 19h00 Evening Gala in Le Mans Volvo dealer´s facilities ‑ Thibault Optimum ‑ Aperitive and Cocktail‑Diner‑buffet with musical animation.

  • Sunday ‑ September 2nd :
  • 09h00 Arrival and Gathering on Le Mans high‑speed racing cars circuit.
  • Volvo display and exposure, and activities with Circuit Museum free‑visit.
  • 12:15 Optional Activity: You may have possibility enjoying driving your Volvo on Bugatti High Speed Racing Circuit, behind the Security Pace-Car.
  • 12h45 Cocktail lunch‑buffet in Welcome hall.
  • 16h30 Leaving Le Mans high-speed racing cars circuit and going back home.

  • REGISTRATION Before July 31 rst 2018 as a definitive closing date.

    Contact - Registration form has to be completed by e.mail or by post-mail to
    Chez Joël et Sylvie CORNIBE
    25 rue du colombier
    E-mail :

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